A visit to Studio Arhoj

By Bold Apps

Images from my visit - The new 'Familia', friends for the Arhoj ghosts. Broken ceramics with a view of the kiln room. The Arhoj shop. A wall of ceramic pearls.


One of the most enjoyable aspects of running our shop is working with the fascinating people who make the wonderful things we sell. 

Hearing how someone got started, how they progressed with their discipline and the development of their process, it's so much more satisfying than ordering trend items from big companies. 

One of our most popular lines of ceramics is by Studio Arhoj. Located by the harbour in Copenhagen, Studio Arhoj is a Danish interior & design studio run by Anders Arhoj. Anders originally founded the studio whilst living in Tokyo in 2006, the studio is now based back in his native Denmark.
Studio Arhoj explore the visual relationship between Scandinavian simplicity and traditional Japanese culture with a keen interest in keeping traditions alive and exploring old crafts such as wheel throwing and glaze construction.

On my most recent visit to Copenhagen I was invited to meet Anders and his team at the studio and was welcomed with great warmth to the wonderful world of Arhoj!

It was great to hear more about the process, of Anders' beginnings as an illustrator and how a collaboration with a ceramic artist lead to the now famous offerings from his studio.

Learning more about the process and effort that goes in to each piece was fascinating. The winter and summer bowls can take up to 8 weeks to complete their various stages. Seeing what the glazes look like before they're fired was so surprising, they're so pale & flat you can't believe what the end results will be when you see them at this stage.  The distinct textures and rich colour the studio achieve in their glazes are achieved through lots of experimentation. This is obviously a really enjoyable aspect of the teams work, it's a continually evolving method that brings amazing results. 

It was such a pleasure to be in this wonderful workspace in a lovely neighbourhood by the harbour. I'll definitely be returning on my next visit. 

Pen pots, Yuki vases and sip cups. Sip cups making perfect pots for succulents. The view in to the studio from the shop. Rows & rows of lovely glazes. 

 The wheel where the winter bowls, ghosts and vases are made. Winter bowls just thrown. Pearls with their glazes just applied. Resting winter bowls.