Nisse The Christmas Ghost
Nisse The Christmas Ghost
Nisse The Christmas Ghost

Nisse The Christmas Ghost

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Stoneware ghosts by Studio Arhoj 

Based on the ideas of the Japanese Shinto religion believing that everything in nature has a soul - a mountain rock, a plant, a pebble on the beach.

"The small Ghosts inhabit your living space and are useful for many things - paper weights, , toys, wedding ring holders, kitchen talismans or as company on a lonely night with no friends around to talk to".

Each Ghost is unique, hand thrown in earthenware, hand glazed, hand decorated and low-fired in the kiln three times.

Please choose a colour group. Each piece is unique, we shall do our best to match your request. 

Approx 9-10 cm tall.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Danish ceramicist Anders Arhoj. Studio Arhoj began life in Tokyo and is now based back in Anders’ native Denmark. This unique studio creates a distinct style merging the simplicity of Scandinavian design with the more animated stylings of Japanese culture. All pieces are designed & made in Copenhagen & made in the Arhoj studio and porcelain specialists in Portugal

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