Porcelain hydroponic plant growers
Porcelain hydroponic plant grower
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Porcelain hydroponic plant grower with avacado
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Porcelain hydroponic plant grower

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PLANTATION is a series of porcelain elements designed for growing herbs and ornamental plants using the principles of hydroponics. Thanks to the use of only water and no soil, this method allows observing the growing process of both the stems and the roots of plants. PLANTATION is also a perfect solution for rooting plant grafts.

Use a glass you don't need anymore, top it with one of the PLANTATION shapes and enjoy your own mini-farm.

Plantation is made of high-quality porcelain. Dishwasher-safe.

Designed & made in Poland by Alicja Patanowska



Choose a plant and start growing it today!
1. Carefully cut your avocado fruit in half and remove the seed. Pay attention
not to damage the seed.
2. The seed should be planted immediately after removing it from the fruit.
3. Put the pit in the ceramic component of your PLANTATION with the flat
end facing down.
4. Fill the glass so that the seed is covered with water to a third of its length.
5. Place your avocado PLANTATION in a sunny place, e.g. on a window sill.
The seed must never be dry so it is essential that it is watered on regular
A seed should yield roots and a sprout in two to four weeks, sometimes up to
six weeks. An avocado plant can be grown in a glass of water for up to four
years. Remember that avocado trees do not tolerate freezing temperatures
and are best grown in warm conditions, i.e. 21–24 °C (70–75 °F). Water your
plant at least once a week.

1. At your greengrocer’s choose a bulb of garlic with at least one sprout at
the top. This way your garlic bulb will start growing sooner.
2. Put the bulb of garlic the flat part down and the green sprout up in your
ceramic PLANTATION element.
3. Fill the glass with water so that the bottom of the bulb hardly touches the
4. Once the roots are yielded, the amount of water can be decreased.
5. You can cut the green sprouts (spring garlic) as they grow and use them
to season your dishes.
1. An onion should be planted and grown in the same way as garlic (see
2. A bulb of onion can be grown for up to one year. Cut spring onion
whenever you need it and use it to season your scrambled eggs, salads,
sandwiches and other dishes.
3. Change water at least once a week.
1. At your greengrocer’s choose a potato with sprouts.
2. Place it in the ceramic element of your PLANTATION so that the sprout is
facing down.
3. Fill the glass until the potato barely touches water.
4. Potatoes grow fast and can be kept in water for up to a few years. Water
should be changed at least once a week.
1. Place a bulb in the ceramic element of your PLANTATION.
2. Fill the glass until the bulb hardly touches the water surface.
3. Once the roots are yielded, the amount of water can be decreased.
1. Place a bunch of cut herbs in the ceramic element and add water. Your
herbs will start growing within a few days.
1. Place plant cuttings in the ceramic component and add water. You can use
some rooting stimulator.
2. When the cutting starts to root, decide whether you want to plant it in soil or keep growing it hydroponically in your PLANTATION.

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