15 Minute Hourglass timer.

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An elegant hourglass sand timer which measures 15 minutes precisely from the start of each turn. From The School of Life. 


In our time-pressed and information-rich world, it can be a challenge to find a moment for ourselves. Our lives are so busy and frenetic; we are always forgetting to make time for what really matters. The result is that anxiety builds and nagging concerns emerge in unhelpful ways.

This hourglass sand timer reminds us to carve out 15 minutes a day for what truly counts. It demarcates a very modest and manageable period to dedicate to the important things we so often let slide - finally writing that letter to an old friend, rationally analysing our career ambitions, or playing in a concentrated way with a child. It’s an antidote to wasted days and a counter to the urge to procrastinate, prompting us to do a minimum of what really counts.


How to Use This Timer


You might...


  • Keep the timer on your desk or a shelf in the kitchen.

  • Set aside 15 minutes to weigh the pros and cons of a decision, to talk to someone you love or to carry out an activity you care about - but so rarely remember to give time to.

  • Give the timer to a friend who’s complained about the lack of hours in a day.