Brass Keepsake Jar

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A practical brass jar for organizing and storing cherished items, miscellaneous matter, and small tabletop clutter that can be easily misplaced in a desk drawer.

Featuring a removable lid adorned with a decorative knob, the jar’s simplistic and elegant design serves as a centerpiece for any workspace or tabletop.

3.5" w x 2" h

Alietum Studio’s collection is an assortment of contemporary desktop goods designed to enhance daily life. Inspired by a desire to create modern, elevated objects that bring a clever and unique viewpoint to the workspace, the studio’s offerings are thoughtfully designed with a geometric and minimalist sophistication. Each piece is designed and finished by hand, and a portion of annual profits are donated to carbon offset projects through and The collection is one part of the creative studio of Rachel Many, a Los Angeles-based, multidisciplinary designer specializing in branding, packaging, and product design. Alietum (alié • tum | latin, noun), the latin meaning of osprey, bears its name from Rachel’s beloved grandparent’s home in Osprey Pointe off the southern shores of Long Island where her imagination first took flight.