Fazeek Charcoal Incense cones.

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Uniquely Fazeek, these playfully hand-crafted 100% charcoal incense cones are an absolute joy to use and when burning, fill the space with your favourite Fazeek scents. 100% premium charcoal allows for only the purest burn ensuring only the finest of aromas.

Choose from 3 scents. Tins sold individually.

Teak + Neroli + Cedarleaf:
Fazeek’s teak + neroli + cedarleaf whips leather-like notes with honeyed facets into a sweet and spicy blend that makes all things nice. The blonde wood base notes are perfectly polished, proving that metallic blonde scents have more fun.


 Eucalyptus + Pine + Sandalwood:
Wander through the Australian outback with this authentic fragrance combining notes of lemon, pine and eucalyptus. Invoking the true blue calm of the great outdoors.

Fig Leaf + Fresh Herbs + Bark:
This herbal blend of fig leaf with notes of coconut, black currants and fresh herbs captures the fresh allure of ripe fruit, crisp foliage with an undertone of woody bark. Fazeek’s fig leaf + fresh herbs + bark is a long lasting and deliciously delicate scent for you to relish.


- 20 cones per tin

- Burn time: 20 min approx. 
- Scent lasts 2-4 hours (medium size room)
- Lid may act as burner
- Reusable packaging
- Handmade