Honey Bee Coffee Pourer

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Honey Bee Coffee Pourer by new Brighton based brand Gramage.

Heat resistant coloured borosilicate glass; keep your brew at its perfect temperature
and pour to taste. Detailed with the 3 point brew design, Honey Bee is perfect for brewing for 1 or more people.

"For many of us, brewing that first coffee in the morning has become part of our daily ritual. After paying a premium for specialty beans, carefully selecting your grind, soaking the filter and spending those extra few minutes to craft the perfect cup, finally filtering your coffee into the only clean mug can sometimes feel like a disappointment.

Gramage was born out of a determination to enhance this experience. Traditionally, the design of coffee servers often seemed like an afterthought, with the main focus placed on the brewer. For many companies, what the coffee ends up in almost seemed redundant. With sleek designs and coloured borosilicate glass, Gramage hopes to improve the way you brew, providing the glassware that your favourite coffee deserves.

Having worked in the specialty coffee industry for several years, the aesthetics of coffee servers were consistently a source of frustration. Through extensive experimentation with coffee brewing, it became evident that practical coffee servers play a crucial role in the brewing process. However, what always appeared to be missing was that final touch of finesse. After breaking a coffee server while working from home during a lockdown, the determination to create a superior vessel with style was realised."

The high-quality borosilicate glass, not only exudes style but also boasts remarkable toughness making them microwave & dishwasher safe. Do not expose to direct flame.

Dimensions: 15cm x 12cm x 10cm.