London maps collection


The very beautiful and useful Herb Lester illustrated guide maps to London have been brought together in a lovely box set. The perfect gift to give London lover with the various guides to the pleasures of London collected in one handy set.

No single guide can capture London’s myriad pleasures and limitless diversions. Instead savour the six different fold-out travelogues contained within this boxset, each of which explores a particular dimension of the city, encompassing places to eat, secret spots for a rendezvous and where to escape into nature.

An Uncle's Guide To London
Untamed London
Clandestine London
Welcome To London: A World Of Eating
At Your Service: Specialist Shops And Suppliers
Writing London


Cheaper than when bought individually
Six guides come in a specially designed box (150 x 130 x 25 mm)
Printed in England


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