Modernist style porcelain candle holder - various colours.

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Hand slipcast porcelain candle holder made by Alice Duck in Brighton

This candle holder has been hand created using three different stained porcelains – colour for the base, grey for the main body and white for the interior. 

The holders are then sanded twice giving the unglazed exterior a super smooth finish and the base has been hand stamped with Alice's branding. 

Alice explain her process "The moulds I design split into two pieces giving me the ability to combine different coloured porcelain clays to define the shape of pot. Each piece is made up of a minimum of three individually tinted clays that I have poured into a mould one after the other to create a skin of colour. The interior of each piece is glazed to make it water tight but the outside is left unglazed and sanded twice to give it a soft matt finish, contrasting nicely to the glossy interior.

Simplicity and function are at the core of the work I make, each piece has been designed to be used and loved every day"