Wörther Shorty pencil & ballpoint pen

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Wörther Shorty pencil & ball point pens are designed & made in Germany.

The Worther Shorty mechanical pencil is made of superior plastic & it's beauty is in it's function. The wide hexagonal barrel sits very well in your hand. 105 mm long x 12mm wide. It comes with a 3.15mm thick soft 7B graphite lead and can write on almost any material including wood, metal, paper, plastic, glass (using red lead) or x-rays (using white lead). A multi-purpose pencil for writing, sketching, drawing and marking.
Supplied with 2 leads.
Replacement 7B graphite lead available.
Coloured leads are available

The Soft grip Shorty ballpoint is made to the same high standards, with the added feature of the soft feel casing, which makes this a wonderfully comfortable pen to write with. 
Dimensions: 105 long x 12mm wide
Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee
Made in Germany from local materials

Wörther Baden-Baden was founded in 1985 by Gerhard Wörther offering writing instruments of exceptional design & quality.