We opened a shop.

By Susannah Dowse

You may already have experienced the satisfying feeling of wearing DOWSE's unique jewellery in the knowledge you are also supporting both British made design and manufacturing. DOWSE have been building a steady stream of loyal fans over the last few years and those already collecting their delicately constructed asymmetric designs and cloudy dream inspired interiors will be pleased to hear that Brighton based DOWSE have finally found themselves a house.

Filling a space in the Hove area of Brighton for affordable gifts sourced from British designers, DOWSE has handpicked the best local makers, together with specially selected European made items, bringing them together to showcase all in a finely crafted home. Continuing in the DOWSE tradition, items are sourced locally and ethically, ensuring that people are paid fairly and airmiles and resources are not spent needlessly.

Combining simplicity, decoration and an eye for detail,  DOWSE is hoping to bring back some life to the high street, beyond the smell of coffee and yet another boarded up video shop. Part of a movement across the country that appreciates the value of well made and distinctive products made by individuals over chain shops and mass manufacturing, DOWSE makes it easy to make the world look better and be better. 

Selling jewellery, mid century British furniture, prints, homewards, cards, stationery and more. DOWSE have collaborated with noted local designers Baines & Fricker to create a unique installation for the shop, making the whole experience of shopping much more like a dream and a stroll than a soulless troll through the internet.