Arhoj Crystal Blob :-)

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Melted into form from massive chunks of sparkling glass the Crystal Blobs are distant cousins to Studio Arhoj's other figurines. The Blobs are made in their Copenhagen studio hot shop, where their glass blowers shape, blow and decorate the various pieces you see below. A labourious task with stunning outcomes.

Important: Each Blob is handmade and varies in size and shape, no two are exactly alike! We pick randomly from the shelf when packing. This crystal does not contain glass like traditional crystal. 

Please choose a colour group. Each piece is unique, we shall do our best to match your request. Sizes may vary from 7-13 cm depending on the design.

We have a limited number, Arhoj only give one shop in the world some of these per month. So we're very happy to have them! When they're gone they're gone. 

Welcome to the wonderful world of Danish ceramicist Anders Arhoj. Studio Arhoj began life in Tokyo and is now based back in Anders’ native Denmark. This unique studio creates a distinct style merging the simplicity of Scandinavian design with the more animated stylings of Japanese culture. All pieces are designed & made in Copenhagen & made in the Arhoj studio and porcelain specialists in Portugal.

The team at Studio Arhoj consists of many talented people:
Potters, glass blowers, glazers, customer service experts, stock & fulfillment nerds and more. All working together to create the visions of Anders the founder and also what we'd like to own and use every day in our own lives.