Bijutsu Sekai - Pink sky fine art print

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 Bijutsu Sekai Pink sky fine art print by Watanabe Seitei

Watanabe Seitei (1851 –1918) was a Nihonga painter and one of the first to visit Europe, attending the 1878 International Exhibition in Paris and being awarded a medal. Shōtei blended Western realism with the delicate colours and washes of the Kikuchi Yōsai school, introducing a new approach to kachōga or kacho (bird-and-flower painting).

Nihonga are typically executed on washi (Japanese paper) or eginu (silk), using brushes. The paintings can be either monochrome or polychrome. If monochrome, typically sumi (Chinese ink) made from soot mixed with a glue from fishbone or animal hide is used. If polychrome, the pigments are derived from natural ingredients: minerals, shells, corals, and even semi-precious stones like malachite, azurite and cinnabar.

30x40cm & 50 x 70cm Giclée print.

Sold unframed, fits standard frames. 

Sent rolled in a protective poster tube.