'Duals' Art Print

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'Duals' Art Print by Olivia Leino

Olivia Leino is a Helsinki based designer & illustrator. In illustrations, I specialize in narrative storytelling, combining strong colors, a viewer-centric approach, and cinematic storytelling. In my style, I blend different tools, breaking the surface uniformity and keeping the texture alive. 

She specialises in narrative visual storytelling. With a blend of bold colours and cinematic storytelling, she tackles diverse themes with empathy and sympathy, infusing a beautiful tone even into the most challenging and poignant subjects. Intuition and spontaneity strongly influence her daily practice.

Primarily, Olivia illustrates site-specific moments from everyday life, weaving together different locations and human emotions into a cohesive whole. Currently, she is delving deeper into the individual yet diverse personalities of birds, reflecting the beautiful and significant traits of humans onto them.

Size: 30 x 40cm or 50 x 70cm available 

Sold without frame. Fits standard frames.