Gift Set Everyday Good Mood Incense Sticks

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Gift Set of Everyday Good Mood Incense Sticks

10 Incense sticks in the 5 Good Mood Scents. South Korean Collins incense.

A taster kit, so you can discover the range of scents to choose your favourite. 


South Korean Incense The Collins Incense Stick is made the old-fashioned way, or "Sun-hyang" as it is known in Korea. The "Jook-hyang" method is used to create incense sticks from India or Southeast Asia, such as Nagchampa or HEM.

The main distinction is that "Sun-hyang" doesn't use a bamboo core. Instead, it is created by combining "wood" and "oil" and pull it out like noodles and dry. This manufacturing method reduces the use of synthetic materials like adhesives, resulting in a healthier and more gently scented product. Collins Incense Stick is handcrafted by a master craftsman who has been recognized as a renowned authority in the field of incense ("Sun-hyang") in Korea. This person has spent the last 25 years solely making incense.

Also make she perfect little gift for your favourite people. 

Each stick burn time 15-20 mins