Minerva art print

Minerva art print

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Minerva by Brussels based Kit Agar is formed by a series of thin lines and squiggles. A single human form becomes clear through the mixture of dark pink and white, set atop of light dusty pink backdrop.
British-born artist Kit Agar works from her studio in Brussels to create graphic art works that combine the figurative with the abstract in stunning visualisations of beauty, feelings and mysticism. The seven works share common colours and the artist’s elegant touch, but each has it’s own unique identity and storytelling.
 When buying this print a part of the sale goes to The Paper Collective Project supporting good causes.

200g uncoated, FSC certified, acid-free paper. Produced in Denmark under the Swan certification system.

Available sizes 30cm x40cm + 50cm x 70cm

Sold unframed. Fits standard frames.